Mini Power Core

One long press on the button to activate 90sec. sterilization. Double click after activation to extend the sterilization time by 5min.


❶ 確認控制器的正面。


❷ 確認充電孔方向。


❸ 對準磁扣位置扣好。


❹ 長按開啟控制器,確認袋內LED燈發亮後,關閉袋口即可。

How to Clean?

❶ 清洗前,請先移除迷你控制器。




❸ 袋內袋外皆可清洗。但請勿翻袋清洗,以免毀損LED燈。 


❹ 清洗完畢後,倒掛晾乾或80°C以下烘乾即可。

How to Fold?

❶ 折疊前,請先移除迷你控制器。


❷ 不限方向,雙面都可折疊。


❸ 捲收時,參考影片方式,凹折底部,輕輕順著向上折。


❹ 使用鬆緊繩或萬用收納鉤固定即可。

袋內/袋外 輻射照度實測

菌翹包經過科學計算擺放4顆DUV LED,透過菱格反光層加乘,可多角度照射到袋內物品並有效殺死細菌,經過特殊製程,袋口封閉狀態下,UVC紫外光不外漏,請放心使用。






❶ 手洗後倒掛晾乾或80度以下烘乾(不可使用洗衣機&洗碗機)。


❷ 迷你控制器不可碰水與放在潮濕處,袋體清洗時需拔除。


❸ 清洗後請確保菌翹包袋體乾燥後再收起來。


❶ Please do not put heavy or sharp items into the pouch to prevent scratching or damages to the inner layer.


❷ Please make sure the pouch is sealed when the power is on, and do not look at the DUV LED light when it's on.


❸ Do not let children under the age of 12 use the product alone.


❹ Do not use the washing machine to wash the pouch for the torque may break the LED and the circuit.


❺ When folding, please avoid folding the area near LED (leave at least 1cm of space from the LED).


❻ Please do not make OCONNOR Sterilizer Pouch to be in contact with water for too long.


❼ (UVC is a very effective sterilization method but with its short wavelength and poor penetrating rate, cloth such as towel or sanitary cloth may need to be rotated or flipped over for a more complete sterilization.


❽ If the item is not transparent, then please sterilize the item alone.


❾ If you wish to put 1~2 items in for sterilizing at the same time, please make sure the UVC ray can reach all the surface needed.

Warranty maintenance plan

To practice our original intention of "Make the product last long," we are planning on drafting an "OCONNOR Portable UV Light Sterilizer Pouch Maintenance Plan" upon shipping date. Under normal usage and excluding the conditions below, we will provide a warranty with half year period on the pouch itself and the mini power core.
  • This warranty maintenance plan is limited to orders in the following regions:
    ❶ Taiwn, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu
    ❷ Hong Kong, Macau
    ❸ Singapore, Malaysia
  • We will change the item for free upon finding defects of the item before using it within 7 days from the date of receiving.
  • For group buyers, we will change the item for free upon finding defects of the item before using within 14 days from the initiator's date of receiving.
  • We will provide free maintenance for the LED or the Mini power core malfunction (excluding damage due to misapplication) (the free maintenance does not include delivery fee)
    Note: please check the Precautions above.
  • More maintenance information will be posted on our official site once the product is shipped.

Recycling Plan

OCONNOR Sterilizer Pouch is made up of compound materials and can be separated into outer and inner parts.

The outer part is 100% polyester fiber, and the inner part consists of 9 layers of compound materials.

Therefore, if the pouch is broken, you may send it back to us to separate the pouch for proper recycling. Below is the planned recycling method:

  • outer part - collect and then recycle
  • Inner part - separate the DUV LED light and then recycle
  • Mini power core - take out the battery and then recycle.